Back to Black and white: 5 ways to master monochrome in your home

October 23, 2018

How to master monochrome

Back to Black and white: 5 ways to master monochrome in your home

Monochrome has gathered a legion of followers and it’s easy to see why. A design classic, black and white is guaranteed to deliver a dramatic punch both on the runway and in the home. But as is often with design, sometimes the simplest looks can be the hardest to execute.

Follow our five simple tips to ensure you achieve the greatest impact with this bold combination.

Keep the room light and bright

Choose a stark white paint to allow light to reflect off the walls. Leave the black and grey accents to your furniture and accessories.

Black and white pattern etoile home upholsteryMix and match patterns and prints

The key with monochrome is to avoid playing it safe. Create an environment that has a sense of drama by layering different patterns and prints. Don’t be afraid to mix your black and white geometrics with your stripes. Versatility and creativity are at the heart of this look.

Play with textures and materials

Avoid a room looking flat, cold and plain by using a variety of texture. Juxtaposition gives the look depth and vibrancy. Mix wood with velvet, cottons with silk, or metal accents with a soft rug to add character and personality to the space.etoile home decorative pillows in black, grey and whites. Monochrome

Size matters

Less is more for a small space. Emphasise white to give the illusion of space. Use black as an accent and choose surfaces with a shiny finish to stop the darkness shrinking the space. Fora large room, go big or go home. Be bold with your black and white highlights to create a more intimate feeling within your space.

50 shades of grey

Some of us see things in black and white, others embrace the grey area, if you find black too intense, opt for grey to create a more subtle monochrome look.

No matter your approach to monochrome, remember to add your personal touch to this timeless classic. Be brave and you are bound to make a striking impact.


Black, white and grey patterned canvas etoile home vanity, toiletry, wash bag etoile home London polls dot drawstring laundry bag etoile home Betty graphic patterned decorative pillow black, white, greyBlack and white striped cotton linen napkins etoile home

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