Midsummer Elderflower and Gin Bellini Recipe

June 22, 2018

Midsummer Gin & Elderflower Cocktail with edible flowers featured with Katia Swallow Pattern Linen Napkin

Midsummer Elderflower and Gin Bellini

Happy Midsummer to all the Scandinavians and those that wish they were.

My husband is Swedish and I have enjoyed many lovely long evenings of herrings, and schnapps. However, there is only so many shots of schnapps one girl can drink. This year, I am introducing to the family my version of a Midsummer Cocktail with typically Swedish Elderflower, and less Swedish, Prosecco, and Gin.


1 part elderflower cordial
1 part gin
Approximately 1 part prosecco
Ice cubes
1 edible flower filled ice cubes in a flute or short glass (Optional)
Chill your glasses with ice and water


In a shaker add your gin and elderflower and mix well.

Mix you gin and elderflower in a cocktail shake with some ice cubes, pour with a strainer into your glass with 1 ice cube (optional) and top with prosecco.

To make your ice cubes with flowers select some edible flowers or at least not poisonous ones,  I chose baby dandelions and New England Aster then place in an ice cube tray and gently fill with water. They may need some help to submerge as mine all wanted to float at the top. If they are floating put them in the freezer for about an hour then take them out and push then into the ice that is starting to form. Return them to the freezer and leave to solidify.

I hope this is the beginning of a long and happy summer for you all. 

Our cocktail is photographed with étoile home’s Katia napkin in Aubergine, Duralex glasses and oak cutting boards all available at Main & Mersey.


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